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Communication in medtech

We realize in our international project, eLearning and workshop, each manufacturer has his characteristic communication art.

Due to our focus on registration of medical device, we want to highlight different communications in this activity. Manufacturer should chose, vary and control communication arts depending on compliance or personal strength to external partners (even internal colleague in different venues)


This is only one part of our workshops of international LEAN. Welcome to book an appointment fou your group or organisation before a personal interactive workshop.


Art of communication in Medtech


We can imagine that for partner not in house the typical way is writing email. What happens if a question is getting in an irritated loop since some weeks? Our suggestion:

1. Have a phone call

+Perhaps it is first time to hear partners voice. You can address direct the question, clear misunderstanding and find a solution.


-It is not perfect for multi parties and multi tasks

2. Meeting online

+ Now you can show the process, documents, picture, number or any data by sharing screen. Partners can build personal friendship helping understanding of problem and approach of project.

-Still for multi parties it could be time consuming.


3. Personal meet up

If possible make a personal meeting at annual congress or customer visit

This is best practise to share information as for student visiting a lecturer at university than learning online at home. You are now on the same boat with partners.

Note of e.g. meeting in Medtech




Typically the organiser of should lead communication by preparation before starting e.g. a meeting:

  • Summarise agenda and underscore trouble

  • Make meeting/project goal clear with assigned person

  • Study to shared documents and mark with comments

  • Brief the counterparts for possible preparation too



Here is part of our eLearning and Workshop to show typical meeting protocol (good and bad examples)


Example 1


[Project x] meeting minutes 

Project ID: 




Agenda items 



Action items         Owner(s)           Deadline             Status 

[Action item 1] 

[Action item 2] 

The most difficult part is after many meet ups to trace all action items which are understandable for each party. Making one meeting protocol is nice to start, however record and summarise all topics in a project is a dream.

Here at last example is only one good example with separate category. Alternative the subtopics can be addressed as a unique ID, so traceability of the action with deadline is always a success matter.



Example 2 (multi meetings)



2024-01 No full reports

Full reports attached


2024-02 Please provide certification of lab and residual report mentioned in reports

Certification pending and residual reports pending


2024-03 Could you confirm whether residual reports are okey?


Sorry we dont understand residual reports. Could you explain chapter 2, 3, 4

Example 3 as excel (multi meetings)

Trace meeting.PNG

No-Gos with counterparts as communication skills


We can’t guarantee that meeting online or in person could solve all troubles. By missed deadline of critical task an escalation is essential in manager level.

Nevertheless we experience easy to avoid No-Gos during the international project with cross functional and border counterparts:

Take the trouble personally

  • Set counterparts under pressure without any personal try

  • No assigned task

  • Critical tasks without deadline

  • Critical and long term action without milestone meeting

  • Non-Consideration of intercultural difference

  • Too patient to wait for an answer more than one month

  • Too many efforts on non-prioritised task


Our lean international workshops


Do you know why there is a communication trouble? The reasons could be

  • Intercultural

  • Interdisciplinary

  • Interest

  • Responsibility

  • Person character

  • Firm culture

  • English level


Below is perfect contrast of public traffic in EU and Asia. Imagine you are teaching how to drive for people from 2 regions. The understanding and future condition of public traffic is not the same

Asia traffic.jpg
EU traffic.jfif

Every manufacturer in his international project could have experienced above mentioned No-Gos or communication trouble.

Book our interactive lean workshops. We work on trouble in group and create together the solution of your international project. We are not only focusing on regulatory affairs group.

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